Leverage iJoin Technology

As a retirement plan professional, you know how hard it is to get the attention of plan participants and guide them to act. iJoin's industry-leading, mobile-friendly solutions make it easy for employees to enroll and make timely decisions that help create positive outcomes.

Use Participant-Focused Technology to Build Relationships

iJoin is leading the way in participant engagement and action. We use everything from animation and motion graphics to complex behavior engines to engage a person’s natural desire to interact and play, resulting in better participation which leads to better outcomes.

A Better Enrollment Experience

Mobile Enrollment makes it simple for employees to get started. iJoin consolidates the enrollment process, enabling clients to have a more productive experience that leads to dramatically improved outcomes.

iJoin’s Step It Up makes it easy to visualize the benefit of increasing contributions and to act right now.

*Step It Up presents a quick “check-up” that recommends a successful saving strategy and the ability to reallocate investment selections. This helps keep participants on track.

*Step It Up is currently under development and will be released soon!

Our enrollment and advisor analytics work together to help you compete and succeed.

iJoin helps retirement plan participants learn about savings and to act.

Smart Messaging continues the conversation with participants to ultimately encourage action.
The goal is to engage and motivate savers to get on track.